About the Community


We are building a community that exists to support one another to be our healthiest selves – in mind, body and spirit. We pursue health as a foundation for our lives, as well as a model for the world we wish to create. We’re exploring the question – how can we be the best and healthiest version of ourselves?


Imagine being part of a community that makes health and wellness a central focus of our lives; where we move with intention, eat nutritiously and mindfully, support one another’s goals, and foster a safe space for vulnerability. Imagine your home having healthy and nutritious food on hand, a running buddy to help you keep your exercise goals, and regular self-care activities such as journaling and meditation. We envision a house that is a happy place, full of laughter and play; an open place for people to be vulnerable in sharing ideas, feelings, and challenges; and an active place to do fun and new things together – from bike bar hopping to living room kickboxing.

Who​ We ​Are.

We are a nascent community, looking for additional founding residents to co-create this community with us. We are excited to live with people that are motivated to become the healthiest version of themselves. We want members of our community that are passionate about life, while also being driven by a larger sense of purpose around health and wellness. Could be anything! – herbology, acupuncture, veganism, yoga, sports, meditation, sustainable farming, and more. Lastly, we want courageous members who desire to expose their vulnerable side in order to create a safe community that promotes healing.

What​ ​We​ ​Value.

  • Being responsible and respectful to each other and the spaces we share together
  • Being sustainable and mindful in how we live, both environmentally and culturally
  • Being vulnerable and open rather than hiding
  • Having fun and never forgetting the healing power of happiness
* Some photos are taken from other OpenDoor coliving properties to give a sense of the interior and community experience.

About the House

  • Address: 3529 NE Bryce St, Portland, OR
  • 13 Bedrooms and 5,300 sq.ft.
  • Newly remodeled house featuring a large community kitchen, dining room with communal eating booth, a basement tea / movie nook, covered bike parking, and onsite laundry.
  • Located in a fantastic northeast neighborhood within short walking distance of the many restaurants and coffee shops on Fremont Ave, and a mile walk / bike ride to Alberta.
  • Room prices between $715 – $985 per month. 6 rooms include private bathrooms.
  • Utilities will be between $75 – $100 per month and include business-class high speed WiFi.
  • House will include a shared food program managed by residents.


Interested? Apply here.