About the Community


We are creating an intentional home of thirteen plus adults that prioritizes sustainability, arts, and community. Our quest is to make a home where people make or support the arts, are environmentally conscious, and truly care about one another.


The home itself will be a place to host events such as art showings, grassroots organizing, and meditation meetings. Sustainability is at the root of our daily choices — from energy efficiency to organic food. Our community will enable us to support one another in this goal. This is a place where we imagine being surround by people engaged in the arts including visual, performance, music, digital, craft, any level, you name it!


As a community, our mission is to provide, for each other and the neighborhood, a space where our community can break bread together. We seek a community of artists, DIYers, feminists, and progressives.  Our home will cultivate a positive culture that enables people to continuously improve and grow.

Who​ We ​Are.

We are a nascent community, looking for additional founding residents to co-create this community with us. We strive toward diversity, and know we all have different skills and needs. We want members of our community that are passionate about life, while also being driven by a larger sense of purpose around health and sustainability. Could be anything! – pursuing plant based diet, a low waste home, yoga, herbology, electronic LED art, acupuncture, sports, meditation, sustainable farming, and more. Lastly, we want courageous members who desire to expose their vulnerable side in order to create a safe consent centered community that promotes growth and responsibility.

About the Founding Members.

Jason: In his early thirties, is a sustainability entrepreneur who enjoys making LED art, riding bikes, evidence-based conversations, and cooking vegetarian meals.

Sam: In their late twenties, works at New Seasons. They enjoy teaching yoga, gardening, dancing, and conversations about social justice.

Thomas: In his late thirties, is a queer activist and recent Portland transplant joining us shortly.

We all met in the Berkeley Student Co-ops where we developed friendships that have lasted the past four years while we lived in other community housing.

What​ ​We​ ​Value.

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Community Participation
  • Respect, Integrity, & Compassion
  • Fun!
  • Having a Growth Mindset
* Some photos are taken from other OpenDoor coliving properties to give a sense of the interior and community experience.

About the House

  • Address: 3529 NE Bryce St, Portland, OR
  • 13 Bedrooms and 5,300 sq.ft.
  • Newly remodeled house featuring a large community kitchen, dining room with communal eating booth, a basement tea / movie nook, covered bike parking, and onsite laundry.
  • Located in a fantastic northeast neighborhood within short walking distance of the many restaurants and coffee shops on Fremont Ave, and a mile walk / bike ride to Alberta.
  • Room prices between $715 – $950 per month. 6 rooms include private bathrooms.
  • Utilities will be between $75 – $100 per month and include business-class high speed WiFi.
  • House will include a shared food program managed by residents.


Interested? Apply here.