Humans are a social species- we evolved to live in tribes, clans and villages.
But the modern world can be a lonely and harsh place.
Too many people feel isolated, and we’re here to change that.


We exist to create places and cultures that help people trust one another and live with joy. By living together, our members grow together, contributing to a world that works for all.

Ben Provan
Jay Standish
Maddie Beitz
Community Operations
Brooke Dean
interior design
Vanessa Babot
Property Management
Spencer Honeyman
Member Experience

A life is measured by the people with whom it’s shared. Community is a very personal aspect of life that arises organically when people choose trust and joy. That’s why we partner with our members to uplift their vision and values so that each home has a strong group with a shared sense of ownership and identity.


Although culture cannot be manufactured, it can be encouraged.
Our core focus on culture guides everything we do- from the way we craft the member experience to the way we grow our company.


We are driven by a passion for personal growth, and community is a powerful context that accelerates human potential. Just like our residents, we bring growth into their daily lives, building off one another’s positive habits, attitudes and behaviors. We seek new horizons, growing in the scale and depth of our impact. 


History has been full of struggles for more people to have control over the direction of their lives. As humanity faces global challenges, we see people as our biggest asset. We invest in relationships that empower individuals and groups to change their conditions and shape the world in positive ways. 


Each of us has unique gifts, new ideas and an authentic sense of self. We encourage the pursuit of original insights and see value that others would overlook. We foster cultures that celebrate our differences. We seek ways to incorporate valuable ideas and new perspectives into a greater whole. Culture evolves through new ideas.