The rising cost of urban living has made cities less affordable than ever. At the same time, our hyper-digital society has enabled an epidemic of isolation and loneliness. We aim to address both of these challenges through the creation of modern, shared living spaces.


We exist to enable our members to live with greater connection, creativity, and sense of purpose.

We believe…

  • That we can live better, together through the sharing of space, resources and experiences.
  • That living in community fosters meaningful connections, authentic relationships and personal growth. 
  • That diverse, inclusive communities foster greater perspective, empathy, and inspiration – and help move toward a world that works for all.


Ben Provan
Jay Standish
Vanessa Babot
Property Manager
Cathy Sims
Director of community
Experience, Seattle
Chris Orcutt
Director of GROWTH Marketing
Chris Orcutt-med
Brooke Dean
interior designer
Chloe Longfellow
Community Recruiter
OD headshot
Spencer Honeyman
Director of community
Experience, Bay Area

Real Estate Platform

OpenDoor is building a world-class platform for real estate development.

Our Approach

Be Part of Something Bigger
Some of the greatest challenges of our time are ones of mutual trust and collaboration, something that we can nurture through our homes. We see coliving as part of a broader movement for purposeful living, and our residents see their homes as places to grow and contribute to society.

Put People First
We care about what makes a life well-lived. While anyone can rent a property room-by-room, we’ve designed a living experience that considers every touchpoint of shared life. Real estate reimagined should be about serving people, not the other way around.

Foster Shared Leadership
Although residents are our customers, we see them as co-creators and collaborators too. Community can only be built through the active participation of its members, so we leave space for everyone to contribute.

We’ve Lived the Experience
Our founders and many of our team members have lived in OpenDoor homes, gathering years of resident feedback and crafting an experience that cracks the code on how to enable rich and lasting communities.