To enable people to live with more creativity, connection, and purpose

Our Vision

The traditional real estate industry is out of touch with deeper needs, values and aspirations of modern urban dwellers.  We are reimagining home for the collaborative age. We’re building a national network of coliving spaces for living with connection, creativity and purpose.

Collaborative Real Estate

Mainstream housing products are based on antiquated notions of hyper-individuality, consumerism and the suburban American dream. We envision housing that honors the needs of individuals, while also optimizing for our fundamental need for community and social interaction. Housing that’s designed to bring people together to share space, resources, ideas and more. In a world where our lives are increasingly dominated by digital devices and online social networking, never before has there been a greater need for authentic human connection. We do not think of ourselves as a real estate company, rather we are in the business of human experience – curating communities and spaces that enable a lifestyle rich with purpose and connection.

Living Buildings

The future of humanity is urban. Living in dense, uber-sustainable cities is the only way to manage our societal footprint, while also meeting the needs of a growing 7+ billion people. We see a future where buildings produce their own energy from clean sources, where water is treated as precious, and where urban planning is based around a walkable lifestyle rather than cars. Beyond ecological factors, we must learn to make our cities feel more like home. We imagine buildings that facilitate social interaction, efficient resource sharing, and ultimately curate a real sense of community. As a company innovating new models for real estate, we intend to catalyze the transition to a sustainable and connected built environment, one that will sustain life for generations to come.

Our Common Future

When you look at the history of our species, you could say it’s a story of people struggling to live together on a shared home called Earth. Through the years we’ve gotten better at it, with incredible gains in civil rights, peace, democracy, and standard of living. Yet many of our greatest challenges still lie ahead of us as we swell in population, consumption, inequality and environmental impact.

At the same time, never before have we had better tools to come together as a species. The emergence of the internet, sustainable technologies, and a global economy are just a few examples of a new, common future possible for humanity – one in which we share resources and lower our impact, while still maintaining a high quality of living. OpenDoor exists is an invitation to live better together as a human family – to reimagine our cities, buildings, and homes as places that take care of both people and our planet.

If ten people can learn to live well together, perhaps ten billion can learn to share our common home called Earth.

Our Business

Property and Community Management

We manage coliving homes and apartments. Residents rent private rooms while coming together to share common spaces, meals, host events, socialize, and more. With skyrocketing urban housing costs and a generational shift towards sharing, our coliving offering provides an incredible experience at a reasonable cost of living. We maintain a rabid focus on delivering a high-quality resident experience, going far beyond standard property management. We offer our residents a suite of services and amenities to to make the shared living both easier and better – from beautifully furnished common areas, regular cleanings, and business-class wifi; to engaging community programming, events and smart use of technology.

Real Estate Partnerships and Development

We work with real estate owners, developers, and investors to deliver high-performing coliving properties. We bring valuable expertise to our partners, pulling from years of experience designing, developing and managing coliving properties. We provide a turnkey management solution, using our road-tested coliving program and resident waitlist to provide stable cash flows. We also develop our own projects, assembling real estate deals that are both profitable and impactful. Our coliving model enables higher density buildings with strong unit economics that outperform traditional apartments, while simultaneously offering residents incredible value at reasonable rents. A win-win.

Our Team

Ben Provan

Ben believes in the power of business to scale positive solutions that benefit both people and planet. He co-founded OpenDoor with the vision to bring modern, community living to the mainstream. Ben holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from Presidio Graduate School, bringing his skills in both systems and product design to the OpenDoor team. Ben’s diverse career includes high-tech product design at Bose, business development for a biofuels startup, and program design & delivery for the YMCA.

Ben Provan
CEO & Co-founder

Jay is fascinated by the power of healthy groups and teams. During college at Evergreen, Jay co-founded a student-run organic cafe that taught him the power of business as a vehicle for positive action. He then went on to co-found the Impact Hub Seattle coworking space and study systems thinking at the Presidio MBA program.  A designer and people person by nature, Jay brings clear communication to the business development, marketing and community building efforts at OpenDoor.

Jay Standish
Chairman & Co-founder

Maddie is passionate about people! Her professional background includes customer support, sales, and product management. Through the various roles, the common thread has been the joy of working with people –  collaborating with both teammates and customers to solve problems. At OpenDoor, Maddie is the main point of contact for our members while also running a tight ship on business operations. With a degree in Environmental Geology from University of Texas, she is perfectly suited to make a tectonic difference for OpenDoor residents.

Maddie Beitz
Operations & Customer Service Manager

Spencer loves working with teams and individuals to help them reach deeper levels of creativity, coherence, and efficiency. Additionally, Spencer loves curating the user experience of physical space. At OpenDoor, he combines these two skills to design and curate the community experience for residents, including the interior design of our spaces and facilitating community programs for our members. Spencer holds a degree in environmental design from Pomona College.

Spencer Honeyman
Director of Community Experience

Brooke co-founded Camp Grounded, a summer camp for adults featured in The New York Times, Vice, CNN, NPR, Inc Magazine, Huffington Post, etc. Brooke makes houses come alive at OpenDoor – driving the logistics and design to get new houses up and running. She is a nutrition guru and an advocate of the good life.

Brooke Dean
House Activation

Adrienne is an impact-driven product and marketing​ ​manager that​​ has a​​ ​propensity for bringing people together and knack for​ ​product development and​ ​project management​. At OpenDoor, she drive​s​ new member recruitment and ​collaborates on launching new properties. When she’s not co-creating​​ intentional​ + inclusive​ living spaces, you can find her playing shows with her band or out adventuring in the backcountry. She holds​ degrees in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Economics from University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Adrienne Wickham-Gobert

Yvonne is a handywoman extraordinaire who knows building systems inside and out.  She manages facilities and maintenance at our Bay Area properties.

Yvonne Walker
Bay Area Maintenance Coordinator