Canopy Community


About the Community


The Canopy is a 4000-square foot co-living house in Oakland, California dedicated to creative empowerment, knowledge sharing, and the cultivation of positive co-living. It is currently home to 13 residents and we are looking to fill newly open rooms for February 1st with folks who are excited to engage in our lively community. We welcome and encourage people of all races, ages, genders, cultures, and sexual orientations to apply. We are looking for people who are excited to grow from building a community that celebrates our differences and commonalities.


We value inclusiveness. As a household, we are working together to create a more inclusive space. We see this an opportunity to determine how we show up for the community and our neighbors as individuals and as a collective. How do we use our space, resources, and skills to contribute to the community? We are excited about the opportunity to explore these questions and shift how we prioritize inclusivity and community engagement as we welcome new people into the house.

Who​ We ​Are.

Our wonderful community includes but is not limited to: artists, activists, scientists, lawyers, educators, techies, writers, journalists, and event producers. We strive to create an environment that supports ongoing exploration of new ideas, skills and philosophies, supported by a diverse range of experiences and perspectives.

What​ ​We​ ​Value.

  • Creative Empowerment – Follow your creative spark. What would it be like to live with a group of people who encourage and inspire each other to bring their creative visions to life? Whether you’re working on a piece of music, a new way of scrambling eggs, or an ambitious business venture, feel the support of a community that wants to see you thrive.
  • Positive Living – At the Canopy we treat everyone with respect and when we have difficult conversations, we strive to learn and grow through our discourse. We assume the best intentions and try to be direct and thoughtful when conflict arises. There’s a lot of laughter and silliness in the house.
  • Our City – Oakland is an amazingly vibrant and diverse city. We’d like our house to more and more reflect the city we live in. All people with different stories, identities, and heritages are welcome in the house. Our shared values and varied backgrounds are key elements to making our home a magical place to live.

About the House

We are located 4 blocks east of Lake Merritt, less than a mile from BART (many bus lines also stop near the house), and a 10-minute bike ride from downtown Oakland. Our expansive kitchen encourages cooking projects of all sorts. You’ll also have access to the house’s 4 bathrooms and 2 living rooms complete with a projector, hi-def sound, record players, numerous instruments, books, and tons of space. The ground-level garage has been transformed into our Dreamspace: a mixed-use creative space, which can be used for events and workshops, or sewing projects and woodworking (power tools included). We have a shared food program that costs $160/month for all the food you care to eat.

Open Rooms

Available November 1, 2018

Nice light and a view — $1036 + utilities ($65) + ($55 room share fee if applicable)
This is a sweet room with great natural light and a view! It’s located in the back corner on the second floor of the house, making it a nice private retreat.

Interested? Apply here.