Coliving grows up: a 230 bed development in SF

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Up until now, we have been hacking coliving spaces together using existing properties that were designed to be single family homes. As coliving matures into an attractive, recognizable lifestyle, developers are taking note and looking to create buildings specifically designed for modern shared living.

1532 Harrison

So we are excited to announce that we are supporting BuildINC in creating what we believe to be the first and largest ground-up development designed specifically for coliving! The site is at 1532 Harrison in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco. The development is currently designed to be split into three 6-story buildings, and each floor would be what we’re calling a “coliving apartment” – 8 or so bedroom suites opening into shared living space and kitchen. Each suite would have its own bathroom and kitchenette, so the layout offers a hybrid of a private studio and a shared house.

Open Source Market Research

In the first phase of this collaboration, we are putting our research hat on and conducting a survey of the coliving landscape with the goal of understanding the motivation and market behind existing coliving spaces and micro apartments.

The result will be an unprecedented data set about modern shared living spaces, and we’ll be releasing results of the survey publicly (protecting the privacy and interests of those involved).

(If you live in or operate a coliving space or micro apartment, you can take the survey here! It should take ~15min)

In future phases of the project, we may also be supporting with facilitating community building and filling the building with residents.




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