Special Projects

We view ourselves as part of larger movements like urban innovation, civic ecology and the sharing economy.

A few opportunities for collaborative research and action:


Crowdfunding for Real Estate

As the SEC passes now legislation that enables more democratic forms of finance, what does this mean for real estate finance? What are the challenges and opportunities? What are the specifics of the process, and what might a real estate crowdfunding strategy look like?

Updating Legal and Zoning Policy for Shareable Cities

The legal complexity of doing leading edge urban projects is significant. And its different for every city. How might we both map out the current frameworks and work with cities to create the policies that will enable positive urban transformation?

Open Source Software

Our Modern Nomad software is an open source project, and we are interested in developing add-ons and integrating with other services to make shared living and urban collaboration better.

Coliving Census

We would like to implement a publicly available market research study to gather data and information about the emerging coliving movement.

Documentation & Writing

We would like to document key findings that we pick up along the way to make available to other urban innovators around the globe. Perhaps this looks like a blog with a broader group of our peers?


We are huge advocates of constant learning, and would be honored to support an action learning project for someone whose interests and passions align with ours.


Email us if you want to discuss a potential collaboration!


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