Hack the Hood moves into Blueprint

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We are very excited to announce that the Blueprint workspace is now headquarters of Hack the Hood!

Image courtesy Hack the Hood

Hack the Hood is a non-profit that trains low-income youth of color in technology and marketing skills, providing an on-ramp to get involved in the lucrative technology industry. When we started the Blueprint, the community vision has always been to be a positive force for the neighborhood. Hack the Hood is a perfect partner in fulfilling this vision. We’re excited to connect Hack the Hood with their upstairs neighbors at The Canopy.

This means that the Blueprint is no longer a coworking space open to the public. After testing out the space for about 8 months, we learned the location didn’t really make sense for coworking. Given the small size of the space it made more sense for it to be the office of a small team. In future projects, we do think coworking and coliving can work together really well if the location and scale are right and if we partner with a coworking operations company.

Hack the Hood’s Housewarming Event is on April 28th – RSVP!




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