Work With Us

We enable authentic community – places where people can evolve together on a daily basis. We see our team as a community itself, and an opportunity to practice growth and development. We are headquartered in Oakland, CA with properties and team members in the Bay Area, Portland and Seattle.

About OpenDoor

OpenDoor develops and operates collaborative living (“coliving”) spaces. Our homes bring people together to connect, share, and build meaningful relationships with one another. Our mission is to empower more  people to live with a greater sense of connection and purpose. While our business model is in real estate, the core of our offering is around people and community.

Our Coliving Model

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”  
 — Jim Rohn

Our coliving homes are shared houses or apartments where members rent private rooms, while coming together to share meals, common spaces, socialize, and more. We provide a myriad of services to make the resident experience both easier and better; from beautifully furnished common areas and business-class wifi to fun community events and programs. Residents gain access to a desirable lifestyle and valuable shared amenities at an affordable cost of living.

Working at OpenDoor

We are a mission-driven company, passionate about our offering, the organization we’re building, and how it contributes to people’s lives.  We work hard and love what we do.

We are a collaborative team. We work with a high degree of communication, accountability, and integrity. We believe great ideas can come from anywhere in the organization.

We are a startup. Our workplace is a dynamic environment and roles are not rigid. Every person on our team matters and is trusted to contribute in a myriad of ways.

We are growing. We currently have eight properties across Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco and Portland, OR, with many more in the pipeline.

We are a learning organization, always looking for ways to improve our business, our systems, and ourselves.

We love our people. We believe people do their best work when they are fully supported, respected, and able to live a balanced life. We allow for flexible work hours and travel schedules that support the whole person, as long as the job gets done.

Assistant Property Manager, Seattle


We are bringing on a full-time team member to manage day-to-day operations and customer service for our coliving properties in Seattle. As Assistant Property Manager, you will be responsible for managing resident requests, overseeing maintenance and the physical operations of properties. You will also support with leasing, reporting and basic accounting + AR/AP of our properties. In addition, you will be the main point of contact with our existing residents in Seattle.

Key Responsibilities

  • Customer Service – Respond to requests and issues from residents in a professional and timely manner while using resident touchpoints as an opportunity to build community.
  • Property Management – Manage day-to-day practicalities of operating apartment buildings, managing room turnover and resident move-ins / move-outs. Collaborate with other staff on efficient financial management and streamlined operating practices.
  • Leasing, Billing, & Payments – Collaborate with leasing staff and support with tours and other leasing activities as needed. Administer resident leasing, billing, and payments.
  • Maintenance Oversight – Collaborating with and overseeing our maintenance tech to fulfill repairs quickly and thoroughly.
  • Community Support – This role may involve helping with or leading community events, meetings or dinner, as well as onboarding new residents to both the practical and social aspects of coliving

Personal Qualities

  • Community-Oriented – This role has the opportunity to impact a positive social experience for residents on a day to day basis. As a company that enables a sense of community, it matters how our team members show up for our residents.
  • Organized – This job is all about keeping track of details, managing company processes, responding to requests in a timely manner, and making sure things get done correctly.
  • Self-Motivated + Responsible – Pulls work to themselves, does not require oversight to be effective, takes a strong sense of ownership, owns their mistakes, creative problem solver that doesn’t get stopped easily.
  • Collaborative – team player, supports and builds off of others, non-territorial, willing to step outside your specific role to problem-solve
  • Desire for Growth – We are looking for someone to grow with our company as we heading into a major growth phase. The ideal candidate is eager to take on different roles within the company and believes that most things are trainable.

Professional Skills & Experience

  • Property Management – 3+ years managing properties, ideally 5+ years. Understanding of how rental properties work, basics of leasing laws and tenants rights, maintenance & repairs, and basic accounts + financial management
  • Basic Knowledge of Building Systems – Practical, hands-on experience with building systems (plumbing, electric, keys, etc), sufficient to be able to address maintenance issues and needs
  • Highly Computer Literate – able to elegantly incorporate our multiple modern cloud software tools into operations, learn new tools quickly.
  • Accounting – Understanding of basic accounting, proficiency in reading financial statements.
  • Appfolio Property Management Software – proficiency in AppFolio strongly preferred, but experience in other property management software is also helpful context


  • Based in the Seattle Metro. Our properties are both in the North Seattle / Ballard area.
  • May require occasional travel to our other markets to learn about other projects or collaborate with other team members
  • An additional opportunity to be an on-site manager is highly encouraged which would come with additional rent offset compensation.


  • Salary range: $55,000-60,000 depending on experience
  • Healthcare coverage, including healthcare and dental
  • Flexible work and travel policy

On-site Manager, Seattle


We have two apartment buildings in the Ballard neighborhood and are seeking an onsite manager for each one. This person will assist in property management,  community systems and day to day administrative tasks.  This person will be responsible for alerting management to any building issues, meeting vendors if needed, and facilitating the welcoming of new residents in coordination with a community-led welcoming committee. The onsite manager will live on site and preferably work from home, with availability on evenings and weekends. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Property Management – You’ll be the “eyes and ears” on the property. Support with unit turnover, welcoming new residents and orienting them to basics like keys and wifi access, observing issues and catching them early, maintaining orderly common spaces, managing keys, etc.
  • Maintenance + Physical Support – Support with coordinating maintenance, communicating with residents, helping to troubleshoot and understand issues, letting maintenance contractors into the building, etc.
  • Resident Response – Stay up-to-date on resident needs and solve small on-site issues directly, communicating larger issues to staff and collaborating toward resolution.
  • Leasing & Tours – Support the leasing team with occasional help with tours, particularly outside normal business hours.
  • Community Systems – Support with stewarding organized systems that make the community function smoothly, like chore programs, shared community dinner parties, and generally modeling positive and compassionate behavior. 
  • A granular list of specific tasks are listed at the bottom of the post.

Personal Qualities

  • Organized – This job is all about keeping track of details, managing company processes, responding to requests in a timely manner, and making sure things get done correctly.
  • Available – Is easy to reach over various forms of communication, is responsive and to-the-point. 
  • Collaborative + Social – team player, supports and builds off of others, non-territorial, willing to step outside your specific role to problem-solve


  • Minimum of 1 year experience in property management, on site management, or similar field
  • Must live at the property full-time and sign a lease for a unit
  • Needs to be home or available most days/evenings. Perfect side gig for someone who works from home! 
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Passion for community-  great for an extrovert!

Location & Compensation:

  • We have two openings for this role at two locations: “Karsti” & “Freya
  • 8311 15th Ave NW, Seattle, WA
  • 1501 59th NW, Seattle, WA
  • Available on evenings and weekends
  • $800/month rent stipend for a unit at the property (will cover full rent for one of the smaller units)


Specific Tasks:

  • Support the management of community systems: Slack, web-based community portal, HUB Lockers and various other systems.
  • Have access to building entry codes, keys & makes sure these keys are properly stored.
  • Meet with residents to collect and distribute keys. 
  • Create extra sets of keys as needed; submit receipts of key-making expenses to OpenDoor as required.
  • Provide contact information to fellow residents in order to assist with resident lockouts.
  • Coordinate access to buildings and units for specialized repairs (i.e., those not performed by regular maintenance staff).
  • Look out for atypical sights, sounds, etc. around the building and report them to the OpenDoor and/or emergency officials (as needed). 
  • Promptly report maintenance and safety/security concerns to OpenDoor and maintenance staff (e.g., light bulbs to be replaced in common areas, broken washer/dryer, problems with main doors).
  • Ask individuals blocking the driveway to remove their vehicles and report re-occurring parking and vehicle issues (e.g., car blocking access to the laundry room) to OpenDoor.
  • Provide availability for apartment showings; with the help of OpenDoor, create meeting times with prospective tenants to view the building/unit(s), conduct  showings and keep OpenDoor updated on how they go, including qualitative feedback from prospects.
  • Participate in regular correspondence (mainly email) with the landlord, including being cc’d on emails with prospective tenants. Keeps up communication with maintenance staff, as needed.
  • Manages the maintenance of  the keybox and keys – discarding any keys that are not for the property.
  • Keep the mail area clean and organized.
  • Keep the front entry and surrounding areas tidy including garbage areas.
  • Make sure the recycling area is not overflowing by breaking down excess cardboard.
  • Use sound judgement in regards to disturbances and emergencies, calling the police or fire department as necessary at 911.
  • Be willing to participate fully in community: ie attend trainings, workshops, community dinners and meetings.