Work With Us

We enable authentic community – places where people can evolve together on a daily basis. We see our team as a community itself, and an opportunity to practice growth and development. We are headquartered in Oakland, CA with properties and team members in the Bay Area, Portland and Seattle.

About OpenDoor

OpenDoor develops and operates collaborative living (“coliving”) spaces. Our homes bring people together to connect, share, and build meaningful relationships with one another. Our mission is to empower more  people to live with a greater sense of connection and purpose. While our business model is in real estate, the core of our offering is around people and community.

Our Coliving Model

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”  
 — Jim Rohn

Our coliving homes are shared houses or apartments where members rent private rooms, while coming together to share meals, common spaces, socialize, and more. We provide a myriad of services to make the resident experience both easier and better; from beautifully furnished common areas and business-class wifi to fun community events and programs. Residents gain access to a desirable lifestyle and valuable shared amenities at an affordable cost of living.

Working at OpenDoor

We are a mission-driven company, passionate about our offering, the organization we’re building, and how it contributes to people’s lives.  We work hard and love what we do.

We are a collaborative team. We work with a high degree of communication, accountability, and integrity. We believe great ideas can come from anywhere in the organization.

We are a startup. Our workplace is a dynamic environment and roles are not rigid. Every person on our team matters and is trusted to contribute in a myriad of ways.

We are growing. We currently have eight properties across Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco and Portland, OR, with many more in the pipeline.

We are a learning organization, always looking for ways to improve our business, our systems, and ourselves.

We love our people. We believe people do their best work when they are fully supported, respected, and able to live a balanced life. We allow for flexible work hours and travel schedules that support the whole person, as long as the job gets done.


The Role

We are bringing on a new team member to run the day-to-day of our marketing efforts and maintain and improve our marketing technology tools and systems. With 15 properties under operations, we do have an existing marketing stack but we are looking to improve and professionalize it further. This role is for someone with strong technical abilities and an organized, analytical mind. You will be working closely with the founders and be an integral member of a tight-knit team. 

  • Full-time role with benefits
  • Remote is fine, but being available during business hours PST is required
  • Opportunity for long-term advancement in a growing company


  • Own, maintain and improve our marketing systems & custom technology tools for advertising, brand presence, lead generation, CRM, sales communications.
  • Work closely with the sales team to adapt and improve our tools and systems as we improve the sales process and customer journey. 
  • Manage our WordPress  website: content updates, new pages, improvements, bug fixes
  • Design + run digital marketing campaigns via social ads, google ads, optimize SEO, etc
  • Manage + update all listings on 3rd party marketplaces (zillow, craigslist, zumper, etc.)
  • Work closely with the executive team to design new lead generation campaigns, A/B test new tactics, and improve marketing performance with analytical rigor
  • Note: as a small team and startup, you will be expected to wear many hats and also pinch hit outside of your exact role.


Qualifications + Experience

  • 3+ years experience in technical skillsets related to technology and marketing
  • Some experience with digital marketing campaigns, SEO, AdWords, FB ads,  
  • Some experience with no-code integrations, APIs, Zapier/Integromatt and/or custom CRM tools 
  • Some coding experience a plus: HTML/CSS/JS. WordPress experience is an extra plus.

Location + Compensation

  • Based in the Western US, could work remotely but Bay Area, Portland or Seattle preferred
  • Full-time employment with health benefits and PTO
  • Competitive salary based on background and experience level