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We believe meaningful relationships are at the core of a life well lived.

where do you belong?

A crew. A team. A family. A tribe. For millennia, people have lived in tightly-knit groups. But all too often, modern life has left us isolated. Now, people everywhere are reclaiming the social bonds that make us more human.

Over the past 7 years, we’ve been blown away by how much heart and soul our residents put into creating an inspiring, safe and unique environment. Through living in our houses ourselves, we’ve learned to be better communicators, more compassionate friends, and proactive dish washers. For many of our residents, shared living is one of the most impactful experiences of their lives. 

Like all relationships, real community requires effort, participation, contribution and creativity. So if you do end up joining one of our houses, we invite you to bring your unique talents, your big scary dreams, your weird style and your nit-picky organizational skills. It is each of us bringing a piece of the puzzle that makes the magic

Ben and Jay,

How it works

Each of our houses follows the same community-building process that enables a rich social experience while making the details of group living easier.



Our homes are specifically designed for community living. We've put years of experience and unexpected detail into the design and development of each home.


Private Bedroom

Each resident rents a room directly from us. Most of our residents bring their own bedroom furniture, but we have furnished rooms in some of our homes as well.


Furnished Common Areas

It's a shame when Molly moves out and takes her cool couch with her, so our homes come with stylish furniture, pro-quality kitchen appliances and domestic details like a sound system, hand towels, and more.

Cook Together

shared food program

Gathering around food is the core of community, so all our houses have a time-tested shared food program. Save a fortune and eat like a king by cooking with your housemates.



Healthy culture is easiest when it starts right. OpenDoor hosts foundational workshops ranging from group decision making to healthy communication.


Organized systems 

We want to make it easier to live together. From billing and repairs to cleaning and chores- we have geeked-out on perfecting systems that work and remove potential points of friction with shared living.

Interested in starting a new home with us?

We partner with a few early leaders for each of our houses to steward a unique vision, create a great home vibe, and bring in awesome housemates. We call them Catalysts. Think that could be you?

Cost Breakdown


Shared Apartment Studio logo_text_only_300_black
Rent $1,300 $2,000 $1,400
Common Furnishings $100 $100 included
utilities $80 $100 $80
Wifi $40 $60 INCLUDED
Groceries $300 $300 $170
houseWares $60 $60 INCLUDED
Totals $1,880 $2,620 $1,650

How to join

Fill out the form below and make sure to indicate which of our communities is your top choice! We’ll be in touch to answer any questions and help you through the process, and in most cases we will connect you with existing community members to get a feel for the group.

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