OpenDoor Manifesto!

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Jay and I just got back from a great team retreat visiting the Downtown Project in Las Vegas, as part of their monthly Catalyst Week. It was a powerful experience that reconnected us to our driving purpose, and we feel we were able to clearly articulate OpenDoor’s vision & philosophy better than ever before.  In the spirit of openness, below is the first take. Let us know what you think!

People are moving from being independent consumers to connected creators

There is a new culture emerging, stewarded by a millennial generation with a different set of values and tools than any group before it. A culture of collaboration and sharing, of prioritizing of purpose over paycheck, experience over ownership. A hunger to create a better future for humanity and to make the world a better place.

Why collaborative living?

Home is our most fundamental social institution. The place where we begin each day, the place to which we return. A safe space where we can most be ourselves. As they say, home is where the heart is.

What would be possible if our home became a powerful platform for our lives?  A place that inspired and embraced us in living more true to our purpose? A container for growth and learning, that expanded our thinking?  A space that connected us to amazing people, resources, and opportunities?

OpenDoor exists to support and empower people in actualizing their purpose. Our vessel for delivering this purpose is through home, by creating collaborative living spaces in which people come together to connect, create and share.

Collaborative Living
Autonomy-Mastery-Purpose Compliments of Daniel Pink


Change starts from the inside-out.

We believe our greatest lever for change is to start with ourselves, where we all have the most agency, and let the impacts ripple out from there. As we like to say, we can’t change the world until we clean up our own backyard first. Our houses are places in which people can grow and change, while making a difference in the broader community, cities, and ultimately the world. By design, our coliving model is intended to address some of the core issues of our modern western lifestyle, from over-consumption to social isolation to our oversized ecological footprint.



Company as a platform.

We view our company not as an organization that sells a product, but as a community that actualizes its purpose. We see ourselves as home to a new kind of culture and vision for the world, one that all of our stakeholders work together to bring forth – our employees, customers, and partners. We believe this to be our greatest way to affect change and create a great company, staying true to the adage that culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Operating model
Compliments of


Let’s build this together.

Inspired to help out?  Have some ideas of your own?  Join the conversation at our Facebook page or send us a note.

Ben Provan

Ben Provan

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OpenDoor Coliving

We see coliving as a platform for your life. For becoming your best self by being part of something bigger. For sharing space, skills, resources and dreams with other inspiring and creative people. For living a life on purpose.

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