We approach each project as a whole built of related parts: finance, zoning, construction, design, floorplan, marketing, social dynamics, operating expenses and exit plan.
As a pioneer in the concept of coliving, we have the longest track record of any operator in the space. We've developed and refined our product with thousands of hours of onsite experience and resident engagement. By delivering on the promise of community, our homes are healthy socially and economically.

what we provide

capital formation

From joint ventures to Co-GP splits, we assemble and structure capital for win-win scenarios, with a focus on long-term relationship building.

experienced diligence

Our team has over 40 years of experience financing and developing multifamily projects totaling in the billions.

design rigor

We know coliving inside and out, and have refined a 200-point guide with specifications and ratios that allow us to design a superior product.


We know our customers very well, and they evangelize us. We have a waitlist of over 2,500 but our turnover is 95% filled by existing resident referrals.

growing upwards.

We are expanding from strong roots in shared living. Our next batch of projects contain multiple co-living households in each apartment building. Based on years of expertise in social connection, our new projects are moving the needle with high ecological design, streamlined technology and premium amenities.


average beds per project


beds in committed pipeline


beds in future pipeline
World Positive Design

We view each of our projects as an opportunity to build infrastructure for a future that works. Our first new construction project produces 100% of it’s energy needs with on-site solar. Sustainable living is one of our core values, so we incorporate deep ecological design, neighborhood social character, and cultural value into each of our projects.

Full-stack Innovation

As the oldest operator of coliving homes, we have hands-on experience with permitting, financing, development and management. We take a comprehensive approach to how all these factors interact, striking an optimal mix of resident experience, design, economic value, speed and risk reduction.

Consistently Unique

We bring a standardized process and set of design principles that allow us to deliver a consistent product while adapting to unique markets, sites, neighborhoods, cultures and places. Although our process is highly engineered, our projects are far from cookie-cutter.

deal structures


Our priority is developing relationships with capital providers and regional developers with whom we can partner on a portfolio of properties in the 1,000+ bedroom range. We are assessing markets worldwide.


For many deals, we take risk alongside a co-sponsor who focuses on construction management, while we bring capital relationships, operational expertise, brand + marketing, layout and design.


Some of our projects come fully capitalized or built, generally structured as a design consulting retainer and a long term property management contract. We are particularly open to this approach in new markets.

we partner with:

capital providers

We are mostly working with family offices on current projects and and are in forward-looking discussions with more institutional players.


We have over a dozen active development partners across markets. We love working with players who can bring us sites and know the local conditions.


Construction cost and timeline is particularly important at this stage in the cycle. We like to partner with GC's so we're on the same side of the table.


Coliving is the future of housing, and we're thrilled to work with top talent on leading-edge sustainable design and social ergonomics.

Typical Process

Every relationship and deal follows a unique path, but we like to follow an efficient and deliberate trajectory.

Formative meetings

After a few meetings to find alignment and develop a basic partnership approach, we’ll map out a more specific vision of how to work together.

site identification

We focus on core urban locations with the potential for 100+ bedrooms where we can add value relative to multifamily.

pro formas + floorplans

We provide expertise on every factor: from entitlements strategy to rent projections, operating costs, materials selections and FF+E. 

financing + development

Our delivery team works to keep the project on-product, on-brand, on-timeline and on-budget. We partner with developers for construction management.

Lease-up + Stabilization

We curate a dynamic group of quality residents and build lasting value by making the property more than just a place to rent a room.

Programmatic Partnership

Whether its upfront or after the first deal, our focus is always on building long-term partnerships that can yield multiple deals, ideally with a regional focus in the 1,000’s of bedrooms.