A new coliving complex in West Oakland!

We are excited to announce one of our newest coliving projects is opening in West Oakland!  This is our first ever ground-up coliving projects, meaning that the layout was designed specifically around community life with a variety of spaces for gathering, dining, coworking, and creating together. The property is located in West Oakland, a neighborhood rich with history of activism, industry, creativity, and diversity. Check it out on Google Maps.

Community vision from our founding members:

We are a home that nurtures the possibilities of human evolution, consciousness, and positive impact in the world. We start with a dedication to deep self-learning, personal growth, and authentic relationships that begins within our co-living community, and extends to our neighborhood and beyond.  Ultimately, our purpose is to develop an authentic community of people who are dedicated to decreasing suffering on the planet, for the planet, and future generations.”

We are ready for more founding members to start moving in!

We are actively seeking additional members to join this budding community.  Rooms are available starting November 1st, including rooms with shared bathrooms and ones with their own private bathroom. Whether you are new to community living or a veteran, we invite you to apply. Please use the “Inquire Now” links on this page to apply to be a member!

LocationOakland, CA


OpenedNovember 2019



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