About the Wooden Spoon Workshop

The Wooden Spoon Workshop is a unique coliving community north of Lake Merritt. We’re a playful bunch who believes in positive collaboration, whether we’re constructing planters in the backyard or discussing house finances. We run a common meal plan so that we can enjoy the constant gift of cooking for each other while remaining economically savvy and ethically conscientious. We keep a clean house so that we can all feel safe and comfortable. We invite you to co-create this community with us where we strive to grow stronger and grow closer with flexibility and mutual respect.

We’re the sort of house that believes we can always be healthier together, along so many different axes. During the day, our spacious living room often holds group workouts from yoga to HIIT training to movement games. In the evenings, we retreat to the dining room for healthy vegan and vegetarian family-style meals. The Wooden Spoon Workshop’s residents share a deep emotional fluency and maturity for a collaborative approach to problem solving. We use conflict resolution models which reinforce connection and compassion and which encourage each member to voice their feelings and to find shared realities in which to build trust.

About the Spoons

The “Spoons,” past and present, have had a wide variety of interests, from photography to fire spinning to guitars and hand pans to interior design to herbalism. We’ve had executive coaches and students of medicine and psychology, nurses and teachers and marketers and engineers and techies. We have a strong streak of social justice advocacy, with some members of the house advocating professionally and with most engaging in volunteer work, organizing book clubs, and going to protests.We come from a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds and have members and alumni across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Once a Spoon, you’ll always be a Spoon – a welcome member of our community.

Joining the Workshop

If you love singing along to musicals and baking birthday cakes for each other, apply to the house and come hang out with us, virtually or at a distance. When you apply, know that we’ve consistently favored housemates who are vulnerable and honest with us.

We want to meet more folks who’re looking for a family to make music with in a living room with guitars and a piano, folks who also want to navigate financial conversations with ideals of mutual care and aid. This is a community where in the midst of a pandemic, those of us with means reached out to support those in the house most affected by the sudden economic turmoil. Community and family aren’t just buzzwords here – they’re our lived reality every day.

What’s Included

  • Private Bedroom
  • All utilities + gigabit wifi are included in rent
  • Furnished common spaces with hardwood floors
  • 2 fully equipped kitchens
  • 2 furnished outdoor patios
  • 2 sets of high-capacity washers + dryers and folding table
  • Pet-free community

LocationOakland, CA

Size4060 sqft

OpenedApril 2019


Rent$1580 - $2000