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OpenDoor specializes in coliving. For over eight years, we have been launching, living in, and loving building human connection by living better, together.

Society 62 is a brand-new community, custom designed for shared living. Each of the three levels has its own shared kitchen and living area, all of which are tastefully furnished and fully equipped. Launching in early 2022, we are currently accepting interest forms for early residents who have a passion for community and want to be involved in the formative stage!

What does building a brand new coliving community as a Community Catalyst mean for you? 

This means you are interested in building a brand new community. As one of the Founding Members of the space, you will collaborate with us in building an authentic, collaborative, and thriving culture at Society 62. You are collaborative, passionate, inclusive, and fun!

Ongoing Facilitation & Distribution of Leadership:

With the basic leasing process & systems in the building set, the Catalyst moves on to the higher-order challenge of actualizing Society 62’s vision for the duration of your 12 month lease. All founding members continue to serve as leaders through this period of cultural maturation, and will see the community through self actualization & maturity.

Location1435 NE 62nd Ave Portland, OR 97213

Size8,000 square feet

OpenedFebruary 2022


Rent$850- $1,100

being a part of something better, together.

The Opportunity

We’re excited to talk to folks who are interested in being a part of launching a brand new community! Whether you’ve always dreamed of community living, or have been living in a shared house for 5 years, we’d love to hear from folks who are excited at the prospect of having a hand in launching a new space! We specialize in coliving and we love working with early residents to gather together into a cohesive group, make decisions together, work together to share food and meals, and navigate the process of building bonds!

Click “START INTEREST FORM” to get in touch.

Ideally, you will be passionate about being a host for the community and acting as a liaison to OpenDoor. 

  • We support you with certified coaches, facilitators, and a body of resources that has been built for eight years, over sixteen properties.
  • OpenDoor will hold a strong container for launching a successful and fulfilling community.
  • Our Founding Residents and Community Catalysts will be skillful and excited to lead a group of rad and passionate  humans.
  • Most importantly, a Community Catalyst leads with their heart.

In exchange for your leadership and vision, you will receive 4 months of free rent, tailored community building support from OpenDoor staff, and first hand experience of creating a healthy community culture. By using time-tested frameworks & processes for launching new co-living communities, you will bring it to life with your unique passion, purpose, and vision.

 Some magic from our other homes: 

welcome to society 62

The Layout

This project consists of three stories, each of which is designed to be a self-contained community household. Each floor has a fully equipped chef’s kitchen, and open plan living space with ample dining and plenty of living space. Everyone has a private bedroom, and many beds have private baths. The first floor has eleven bedrooms, the second floor has twelve bedrooms, and the top floor has six lofted bedrooms.

Interior Design

Each of the three flats is being thoughtfully furnished- couches, rugs, art, plants, chairs, as well as a fully equipped kitchen down to coffee makers, plates, cups, pots and pans. We’re incorporating 8 years of experience in running (and living in!) coliving houses into the design selections in the home. Whether need to find a cozy nook to tuck away and read in, or you want to tell stories around the fireplace- we have all your at-home cozy needs covered.

Some magic from our other homes: 

The Location

Based in the Northeast Portland neighborhood of Rose City Park, the building is on Halsey St with some nearby restaurants, pubs and coffee within walking distance (the Barley Pod, a food truck court, is across the street!). It’s a 10 minute bike ride down to Mt. Tabor, and situated right off I-84, it’s quick to drive anywhere in town.

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Curious about being a member of Society 62, but aren’t ready to commit to being a Community Catalyst? Email [email protected] to be notified when the project is ready to launch leasing! Our anticipated move-in date is early February, we can’t wait for you to join us!

Independent & brewer owned: Baerlic Brewing Co lives right on the corner, offering indoor dining all year round! Meet up with friends for a bite at the food trucks, grab a handcrafted pick & then come home to hang on the deck at Society 62 to feel cozy at home- with community!

Feel free to browse our website to check out other properties. Above is The Village, teaching us that the best stories tend to be shared fireside.