The Forge

About the Community


“The Forge” community exists to combine the ease of working from home with the camaraderie, inspiration, and group-momentum of a shared studio. Overall, the goal of this community is to grow personally and in our creative pursuits by living in an environment of various disciplines, interests, and walks of life.

Community Vision.

We work, rest, and play with gusto and balance. In the separate backyard studio we foster an environment of creativity, focus, and energy. We value productivity and respect each other’s time and deadlines.

In the main house, we unplug, rest, and enjoy life! Whether it’s dinner at home, wine and a movie, or going out to a concert, museum, dancing, escape-room, any kind of theater, nature…we value recharging our batteries – solo or with friends.

Common areas are kept clean, and organized. We’re thoughtful about our choices and the impacts on those around us. We are quick to listen and we speak with respect and kindness. We want to bring together well-rounded people who are grounded, imaginative, friendly, and open-hearted.

Vision for Community Members.

We’re bringing together people who are emotionally intelligent, curious, driven and creative. We’re looking for designers, illustrators, animators, editors, writers, developers, videographers, compositors, sound-designers…lifelong learners who love their work, people, balance, and excellence. Whether introverted or extroverted, we’re light-hearted folks with a sense of humor who also know when to be serious. We appreciate great conversations, listening, brainstorming, and we also value alone-time.  We’re health conscious, self-aware, and strive to receive and give feedback calmly and kindly.

Core Values.

1) We value our work alongside rest and balance.

2) We value community mindfulness over self-absorption.

3) We value social time alongside alone-time

4) We value cleanliness and organization over “creative flow,” or “not in a cleaning mood”

About Founding Residents.

Eryn Rieple

In a nutshell, Eryn is an enthusiast with a lot of interests. Ever curious and eager to learn, she loves traveling, coffee, meaningful conversations, reading, film, immersive entertainment, dance, theater etc. She appreciates quiet solitude in the mornings for prayer, journaling, and meditation. Listening and being supportive in others’ successes, challenges and goals is near and dear to her heart.

She works as a designer and director specializing in motion media and graphic design. She enjoys blending live action, stop-motion, tactile and illustrative design, and working in equal parts across post-production and the studio process.

* Some photos are taken from other OpenDoor coliving properties to give a sense of the interior and community experience.

About the House

  • Address: 1005 NE 72nd Ave, Portland, OR
  • Newly remodeled 8 bedroom house ( 3,617 sq.ft.)
    • 400 sq ft. co-working  space in backyard
    • Community kitchen
    • 2nd floor sun room
    • Basement tea lounge
    • Onsite laundry
    • Yard with raised garden beds, and fruit trees.
    • Common areas furnished by OpenDoor
  • House located in the Montavilla neighborhood in Northeast Portland, within walking distance of the restaurants and coffee shops on Glisan Street, and a quick bike ride to Mount Tabor.
  • Room prices between $650 – $825 per month. One room includes a private bathroom, Others shared.
  • Utilities will between $75 – $100 per month and include business-class high speed WiFi.
  • House will be on a shared food program managed by residents.

Interested? Apply here.