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Welcome to OpenDoor

We are excited to welcome you to the OpenDoor community and to your new coliving home. You are about to embark on a journey of connection, sharing and learning with your fellow community members and the broader OpenDoor network of coliving homes. 

Congratulations on being accepted to your new home and community. It takes courage to even get this far! Well done *virtual high-five* You have made the choice to break away from isolated living and embrace a lifestyle that includes building meaningful relationships, cultivating collaboration, and accelerating your own personal growth and learning.

So what is the next step? Take a few minutes to check out the information below and find out what you need to do to become a fully informed and integrated member of the OpenDoor community.

The Coliving Experience

Living in an OpenDoor home can be an inspiring and enriching experience. For many, it is one of the most impactful periods of their lives: a time of personal growth, of making lasting friendships, and of being part of something bigger than yourself

Be Supported By a Community

Your home will be full of people who support you in being the person you want to be and accomplishing your goals. Whether it be a running or meditation buddy, someone to touch base with on your life goals, or just having others around to check-in with when you’re having a tough day.

Make Meaningful Connections

Coliving is a great way to meet new people and build lasting relationships. This can include making a new best friend, connecting with a creative or business partner, or meeting a romantic partner - all of which have happened in our homes!

Learn, Grow, and Be Inspired

You can expect to learn from others who have different experiences, perspectives, and skills to share. You will also learn a lot about yourself and how to better communicate and relate to others. There are aspects of living together that can be challenging, and when we lean into those challenges, they can be a chance to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

OpenDoor’s Role

We have learned a lot over the years about how to curate and manage community living homes, and aim to pass on those learnings to our communities. Our goal is to minimize the unnecessary points of friction with shared living, while maximizing its benefit. As property manager, we handle basic items such as leasing, billing, payments, utilities services, and repairs. As community facilitator, we provide a structure and process for members to create their community agreements, systems, and culture.

Spaces Designed for Community

Beautiful, quality spaces custom designed for community.​

Communication Systems

Tools and resources for intra- and inter-community communication.​

Cultural Catlysts

Our Catalyst Model facilitates a natural, empowered, community container.

Interpersonal Coaching + Support

OpenDoor facilitators are available to you and your community to help create an an easeful atmosphere.

Activate your Membership

Below are the resources you’ll need to secure your spot, move in, and join your new community.


Securing Your Spot





If you have any questions at any time you can find a useful index of tools and resources below.

Useful Links:

Below are some useful resources and references for to help along the OpenDoor path. Click on an icon to explore the resource.

Additional Questions?

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