Euclid Manor

Built in 1910, Euclid Manor feels like a page out of a Sherlock Holmes novel. The theme of Euclid Manor centers around transformation and social impact. Residents are passionate about creating positive change – in themselves, in the community, and in the world – and realize this through a slew of resident-led creative projects and social ventures. Euclidians (as they call themselves) are also a silly bunch, finding creative ways to play together, from spontaneous dance breaks to costumes parties and sing-alongs.

From the residents:

The Euclid Manor has existed a a co-living community since 2015, and is home to a beautiful mix of people. We are deeply committed to maintaining a nurturing, clean, supportive home. We value open and non-violent communication; we are QTPOC-welcoming; we are comfortable challenging each other’s views while respecting the sanctity and peace of home. We are environmentalists, non-profit people, start-up people, humanitarians, game creators, community-builders, oceanographers, economic theorists, social changers, med students, developers and designers. We are campers and travelers and cyclists and yogis and ecstatic dancers and protest-goers and status-quo-challengers and burners and musicians. We are silly and curious and introverts and extroverts and ambiverts. Sometimes we host big events. Sometimes we keep it quiet.

We have family dinners and house meetings about once a month, but we understand your busy schedule doesn’t always allow you to be present, and that’s okay. We have high standards for cleanliness, so to that end, each resident is responsible for helping with basic upkeep of the house.

Our house is named after Dr. Euclid Von Imaginal, the little-known and somewhat enigmatic discoverer of imaginal cells, and original inhabitant of our historic home. Read more to learn about imaginal cells.

  • Utilities: additional $75/mo for all utilities (incl. high-speed internet)
  • Food: $200/mo for shared food program: local, organic, ethical.
  • Location: Two blocks from Grand Ave, Lake Merritt, the Grand Lake Theater, and a cornucopia of restaurants, cafes, parks, and more.
  • Transportation: Very close to bus including Transbay to SF, casual carpool to SF, and 1.3mi from 19th Street BART. Great for cyclists.
  • Parking: Street parking only, and it’s hard to park in our neighborhood.
  • Chores: We all share in the cleaning + organization of our home! Each person has a few weekly-ish chores that they contribute to the house.

LocationOakland, CA

Size6,200 sqft

OpenedFebruary 2016


Rent$1,550 - $1,900



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