COVID-19 Response

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our communities during COVID-19, we’ve paused all in-person community tours and transitioned to 100% digital communication with potential community members. We’ve worked with each of our communities to create shared agreements around cleaning, guests, food, social distancing, and group-quarantining. 

While many people suffer from loneliness and social isolation during covid-19, our coliving communities are able to group quarantine allowing for more rigorous cleaning schedules and more effective social distancing, while maintaining the warmth and connection of their shared homes.

The Canopy

Acquired and remodeled by OpenDoor, Canopy has been redesigned specifically for coliving. The Canopy community exists to support knowledge sharing and creative empowerment for residents and the broader community alike. Residents include a journalist, social justice advocates, and an experience designer. The ground floor is a creative workspace that serves as the headquarters of Hack the Hood – a non-profit organization that teaches low-income youth of color how to code software.

LocationOakland, CA

Size5,600 sqft

OpenedMarch 2015


Rent$1,000 - $1,400




Canopy_living room music

Canopy_nook 1

Canopy_living room chat 1

Canopy_dinner 2