The Canopy is a diverse and dynamic co-living house in Oakland, California. It is currently home to 12 residents. We welcome and encourage people of all races, ages, genders, cultures, abilities (although we have stairs), and sexual orientations to apply. We are looking for people who are excited to grow from building a community that celebrates our differences and commonalities.

We are located 4 blocks east of Lake Merritt, less than a mile from BART (many bus lines also stop near the house), and a 10-minute bike ride from downtown Oakland. Our expansive kitchen encourages cooking projects of all sorts, with a pantry and fridge stocked with local produce from the farmers market (included in the shared food plan). You’ll also have access to the house’s 4 bathrooms and 2 living rooms complete with a projector, hi-def sound, lots of instruments, books, and tons of space. The ground-level garage has been transformed into what we call the Dreamspace: a mixed-use creative space, which can be used for events and workshops, or sewing projects and woodworking (power tools included).


We have a voluntary shared food program that costs $160/month for all the food you care to eat. Each of us also contributes $25/month for various supplies that keep our house functioning.


Our wonderful community includes but is not limited to: activists, actors, scientists, educators, designers, techies, and writers. We strive to create an environment that supports ongoing exploration of new ideas, skills, and philosophies, supported by a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. Common spaces are often filled with lively conversation over delicious home-cooked meals, art jams, strawberry jams, popcorn, and movie nights.

We keep busy individually but still gather regularly, both to figure out the logistics of a dozen-ish people coexisting, and to strengthen the bonds that make co-living delightful. We strive to keep the sink empty, the common spaces clean, and the fridge stocked. We have monthly chores that involve house cleaning, bi-weekly farmers market runs, and cooking Sunday dinner.

As a community that chooses to live together and support one another in our efforts, our struggles, and our successes, we have created a set of seven core values: play, collaboration, accountability, equity, compassion, creative empowerment, and growth mindset. We are committed to these values and also see them as an evolving list that we ask you to help contribute to in practice and in constitution.

We Want Our House to Look and Feel Like Oakland: Oakland is an amazingly vibrant and diverse city. We’d like our house to more and more reflect the city we live in. Even though most of us are not originally from here, we are mindful of how we contribute to gentrification, and want to give back to the community. All people with their stories, identities and heritages are welcome in the house. Our shared values and varied backgrounds are key elements to making such a magical place to live.

  • You think living with at least 12 other people sounds more like a recipe for magic than disaster.

  • You actively practice direct, connected, and compassionate communication.

  • You are an artist in the kitchen and a fool on the dance floor.

  • You do your part to keep common spaces friendly, clean, and beautiful

  • You care about creating a welcoming space for all races, ages, genders, abilities, sexual orientations, and beyond.

  • You are able to go up and down stairs on a daily basis.

  • You are curious, self-reflective, and love teaching and learning through shared experiences.

  • You are a supportive and encouraging ally during turbulent times.

  • You resonate with our house values, and are excited to contribute to the Canopy community.

  • You like coming home to small gatherings in common spaces and tasty meals with interesting people.

  • You value healthy, shared food and see the kitchen as a hub for the community.

  • You don’t have a furry pet (fish, turtles etc. are welcome).

  • You are excited to participate in our shared food program.

LocationOakland, CA

Size5,600 sqft

OpenedMarch 2015


Rent$1,000- $1,400




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