Community Living in SeattleĀ 

Freya is a people-focused coliving community in Northwest Seattle. It combines the privacy of home with the social connection of a neighborhood coffee shop. Designed specifically for community, it has 78 personal micro-apartments with shared community kitchens and a main community gathering space. Freya offers weekly grocery delivery, regular community dinners, and a 12 person artist-in-residence program.


The micro-apartments range in size from 173 SF to 342 SF and feature private bathrooms, small refrigerators, cabinets, countertops and sinks – some also feature lofts. The kitchen is the centerpiece of community activity at Freya. There are full kitchens on each floor that are shared by all members on the floor, and most floors also have a den and laundry. The micro-apartments do not have stoves or ovens, and all members are supported to cook and share food together.

Crown Hill Neighborhood

Freya is in the Crown Hill neighborhood – the quiet sister neighborhood of Ballard – and located at 8311 15th Avenue NW. It’s a 2 minute walk to Safeway, a 15 minute bike ride to Green Lake, and an 18 minute drive to South Lake Union.

Affordable Housing for Low and Moderate Income Households

We’ve partnered with the Seattle Office of Housing through the MFTE program to offer affordable housing. We’re proud to announce that 25% of the homes at Freya will be available for low and moderate income households. We’re now accepting early applications for our affordable housing program.

For more information on the MFTE program, MFTE income limits, and answers to common questions about the MFTE program, see these guide from the City of Seattle

  1. Renter’s Guide to the City of Seattle’s MFTE Program
  2. MFTE Income Limits
  3. MFTE Frequently Asked Questions


Weekly Grocery Program

The grocery program offers weekly deliveries of healthy & sustainable staple food items. This offers a more affordable and convenient way for members to receive staple foods delivered directly to Freya. The weekly grocery program is optional and is an additional cost.

Community Events

Members have the option of attending monthly member events with the whole community and/or monthly floor gatherings with the people on their floor. During these intentional community events people gather to share food and connect more deeply than just waving in the hallways. The monthly community dinners are optional and are an additional cost.

Location8311 15th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA

Size173 SF to 342 SF + 3,000 SF Community Spaces

OpenedOpening Soon


Rent$785 to $1275

Enscape_2020-08-27-15-06-49_Upper Lounge (Enscape)

Enscape_2020-08-27-15-06-49_Upper Level Kitchen (Enscape)

Enscape_2020-08-27-15-06-49_Level 1 Patio (Enscape)

Enscape_2020-08-27-15-06-49_Level 1 Kitchen (Enscape)

Enscape_2020-08-27-15-06-49_Level 1 Commons 2 (Enscape)

Enscape_2020-08-27-15-06-49_Level 1 Commons (Enscape)