COVID-19 Response

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our communities during COVID-19, we’ve paused all in-person community tours and transitioned to 100% digital communication with potential community members. We’ve worked with each of our communities to create shared agreements around cleaning, guests, food, social distancing, and group-quarantining. 

While many people suffer from loneliness and social isolation during covid-19, our coliving communities are able to group quarantine allowing for more rigorous cleaning schedules and more effective social distancing, while maintaining the warmth and connection of their shared homes.

Come Join This Sister Community!

Lake Haven is a newly renovated 3-story home located next door to Euclid Manor, one of OpenDoor’s most established communities. This house is located in the Adam’s Point neighborhood 2 blocks from Lake Merritt and the Grand Lake district filled with restaurants, shops, cafes and Grand Lake Theater, an Oakland icon. On Saturdays the farmer’s market convenes a few blocks away.

The property features 3 kitchens, 8 bathrooms (some shared, some en suite), and three sets of onsite laundry. There is a spacious backyard area, which is shared with the neighboring Euclid Manor community. There is also plentiful bike parking and off-street car parking.

Community Vision

We are a community committed to conscious living, growth, and longevity of connection. Our community’s intention is to welcome and bring our whole selves into our home. We seek to co-create a sanctuary that fosters wellbeing, curiosity, creativity, and meaningful connection…without taking ourselves too seriously.

About OpenDoor

OpenDoor creates modern coliving homes for a community experience. We curate quality spaces with thoughtful design and empower residents to make the community their own.

We are accepting founding members now!

This is a great chance to be part of a newly forming community, and to help shape the vision and culture.

Location386 Euclid Ave, Oakland, CA

Size4,500 sqft

OpenedFebruary 2020


Rent$1,400 - $2,000