Community Living in Northeast Portland

The Grove is a multigenerational community at the end of a quiet family neighborhood in the popular NE Prescott/NE 42nd Ave area in the Cully neighborhood. The Grove is a beautiful new community designed & constructed specifically for coliving. It consists of 4 interconnected homes that share a gorgeous outdoor courtyard grounded by a small grove of old cedars. Across the 4 homes there are 22 bedrooms, and 18 bathrooms, with the majority of bedrooms having their own private bathroom. The beautiful outdoor space features covered terraces with picnic tables, cafe seating, a BBQ, and fire pit. 

Available Rooms

Members rent unfurnished private bedrooms, and share all common spaces. The common spaces are expertly designed to balance comfort and convenience and come fully furnished with everything from couches and tables to silverware and house plants. The shared common spaces include 2 large community kitchens, 2 community living/dining rooms, 8 onsite washers/dryers, 6 refrigerators, covered bike storage, fire pit, BBQ, and a gorgeous courtyard.

Download the floor plans for a full layout of The Grove.

The following rooms are still available:

  • Room A-101: 222 SF, $825
  • Room A-102: 260 SF, $850
  • Room A-103: 150 SF, $680
  • Room A-201: 330 SF, $950
  • Room A-202: 200 SF, $800
  • Room A-203: 200 SF, $800
  • Room A-204: 200 SF, $800
  • Room A-205: 200 SF, $775
  • Room A-206: 125 SF, $680
  • Room A-207: 130 SF, $680
  • Room A-208: 140 SF, $700
  • Room B-101: 222 SF, $825
  • Room B-102: 260 SF, $850
  • Room B-103: 150 SF, $680
  • Room B-201: 330 SF, $950
  • Room B-202: 200 SF, $800
  • Room B-203: 200 SF, $800
  • Room B-204: 200 SF, $800
  • Room B-205: 200 SF, $775
  • Room B-206: 125 SF, $680
  • Room B-207: 130 SF, $680
  • Room B-208: 140 SF, $700

Community Member Profiles

The Grove currently has 13 members. Here’s a little bit about some of the members:

T is a long-time Portland musician, videographer, and instructor. After spending 5 years in the ‘burbs’, and hating it, he decided he wanted to live in a real community. He’s looking forward to spending time on the bench outside his door, over the common area, reading, playing guitar and mandolin, and getting to know all his neighbors.

S is native to the Pacific Northwest, and has lived in Spokane, Seattle, Vancouver, and is pleased to be living in such a supportive community as the Grove in Portland. He has worked as a teacher, a personal trainer, and now as an expert in home appliances. He is engaged in the Portland theater community, and enjoys curling up with a book or more exciting activities such as martial arts.


Utilities are a flat rate of $100 per month and include:

  1. Electricity, Gas, Water, Sewer, Trash & Recycling
  2. Monthly Professional Cleaning of Common Spaces
  3. Gigabit WiFi


  1. Lease Terms: 3, 6, 9, & 12 months
  2. Security Deposit: 1x monthly rent or $0 for qualifying members
  3. Pet Policy: Limited number of dog friendly rooms available
  4. Move-In Costs: First months rent + security deposit

Location5247 NE 43rd Ave, Portland, OR

Size7,300 sqft

OpenedMarch 2020


Rent$680 - $950 ($100 per month for utilities)