Euclid von Imaginal Manor is an active exploration of a question: How can we increase our positive impact with one another, with our community and with the world?

As people who build and nurture strong, resilient relationships, from this foundation we lean into inquiries such as: how do we bring together a community of all types of people that has positive global impact?  Because now, more than ever, community plays a vital role in creating a world that works for all.

We have a room opening up August 1st.

Why coliving?

We find that with more people comes more creative inspiration, learning and play – and accountability to who you want to be.
The next buddha will not be an individual. The next buddha will be a community.
-Thich Nhat Hanh

About the House

Euclid Manor is the historic name of our home- a beautiful 6,000 sq ft manor with fully furnished common spaces. The house is currently home to 11 people, and we have new rooms opening up that were formerly guest rooms. Couples are welcome, pets are not.

  • Rents: $1550 (ground floor with full private bath)
  • Location: Two blocks from Grand Ave, Lake Merritt, the Grand Lake Theater, and a cornucopia of restaurants, cafes, parks, and more.
  • Transportation: Very close to bus including Transbay to SF, casual carpool to SF, and 1.3mi from 19th Street BART. Great for cyclists.
  • Parking: Street parking only, and it’s hard to park in our neighborhood.

About the OpenDoor Coliving Program

  • Communal food + cooking: $170/mo for most or all of your groceries
  • Cleaning: we share chores and keep the house really tidy!
  • Regular events, community meals, music and more put on by the community
  • Part of a growing family of community houses in the Bay Area.

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What’s possible? Imagine…

  • If your house had a built-in social network of amazing friends, collaborators, and playmates
  • If your home regularly hosted community dinners, discussions, film nights, jam sessions, volunteer projects, spontaneous dance parties and more!
  • If you were supported every day to pursue your dreams and goals  
  • If you met new people from around the world every week

What we value

  • Actively contributing to making the planet a more thriving, healthy world
  • Greater abundance through sharing and collaboration
  • Being creative, experimental, and in action
  • Being self-aware, self-inquiring, and self-responsible
  • Active pursuit of social justice and impact through activism, entrepreneurship, and open dialog. 

Who is Dr. Euclid Von Imaginal?

Our house is named after Dr. Euclid Von Imaginal, the little-known and somewhat enigmatic discoverer of imaginal cells. Read more to learn about imaginal cells and why we chose to name our house after this visionary scientist.

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