A new coliving home is starting in Portland!

The property has been built from the ground-up specifically for coliving – the first of its kind in Portland! It has 26 bedrooms across four separate structures connected by exterior courtyards. The existing house being fully renovated and 3 new homes are being built. Each of the new buildings has its own kitchen and 7 bedrooms with private bathrooms. The main house has 5 bedrooms, a larger kitchen and living space, and will be the hub of the overall community.

The property has an array of shared, furnished common spaces including communal kitchens, living rooms, dens, bike storage, and laundry room. Upper bedrooms will include a loft for extra space and amazing views of the area. The property is located in North Portland, one block off of Mississippi Avenue, right behind Pistils Nursery. Check it out on Google Maps.

Community vision from our founding members:

“We believe that community can empower people to live a happy and meaningful life. And we’re passionate about passionate people. We help each other grow, particularly in our ways of being and communicating with others. More concretely, we prepare and eat meals together as a way to share in physical and emotional nourishment. We also make time to celebrate and incorporate actions that honor our values into everyday life. Whether newcomers to Portland or longtime residents, we seek to share in the exploration and connection with the city and all that it offers.”

We are ready for more founding members to start moving in!

We are actively seeking additional members to join this budding community.  Rooms are available starting October 1st, including ones with shared bathrooms and ones with their own private bathroom. Whether you are new to community living or a veteran, we invite you to apply. Please use the “Inquire Now” links on this page to apply to be a member!

Location3816 N. Michigan Ave, Portland

Size9,687 sqft

OpenedOctober 2019


Rent$850 - $1150

From Street

Living Room


Side View



Kitchen Stoop

Kitchen Windows

Inner Courtyard

Original House


Michigan Ave Overhead

Site plan – Michigan Ave

Main House – all floors

Same design for A,B+C


Cooking at The Farmhouse

Tea hour at The Canopy

Keepin’ it silly

Music event at Euclid Manor

Dinner at The Canopy

Bedroom Loft

Solar Power