Video – Live Better Together

We worked with the multi-talented Kurt Zhuang over at Feintly to put together this video to capture the essence of coliving. We wanted to create something that would touch people, a reminder of why people are all that matter in life. Please share it widely!

Beyond the Sharing Economy, There’s Shared Living

The California Drought. Immanent Runaway Climate Change. Record economic disparity. It’s getting real in this Whole Foods Parking lot called earth. How can we learn to share our home planet with 7 billion wildly diverse people? We think learning to be good global citizens starts with one thing: doing the dishes. “The Next Big Thing” Grows a 5 o’clock Shadow …

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OpenDoor Manifesto!

Jay and I just got back from a great team retreat visiting the Downtown Project in Las Vegas, as part of their monthly Catalyst Week. It was a powerful experience that reconnected us to our driving purpose, and we feel we were able to clearly articulate OpenDoor’s vision & philosophy better than ever before.  In the spirit of openness, below …

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No dishes in the sink!

  Our amazing residents at The Farmhouse , Pam and AJ, have created some laser-cut masterpieces.  For those of you who have lived in a coliving house before, you will greatly appreciate this… Doing the little things well goes a long way toward making a happy community!