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getting empowered and dealing with conflict

Welcome to OpenDoor’s community support page. Here, you will find resources, opportunities for support, and best communication channels with our staff on a variety of community, cultural, and interpersonal topics that are common to coliving environments. 

Community living can be full of fun, joy, inspiration, growth and so much more – yet it does not mean the experience is absent of tension. Collaboration and living in close quarters ensures the occasional bouts of disagreement, differing perspectives, conflict, and the need to work out relationship and organizational kinks. Overall, we see coliving as an incredible opportunity for personal and collective growth. and we hope that the resources and opportunities here support you and your community along these lines. 

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The Knowledgebase is a self-paced, digital library of written guides, videos, tool templates, and other resources related to house systems, culture, and governance.

Please note: while live, the Knowledgebase is still under construction and evolving regularly. Keep checking back for updated content.


OpenDoor offers workshops & trainings to support our members in navigating coliving environments and collaboration. Below are upcoming opportunities to train with us.

Community Facilitation Program (July-Nov 2021) – 4 month, experiential training cohort composed of members across the OpenDoor network, focused on training skills in facilitation to positively impact your community.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

If you are involved in a conflict in your home, our policy is that you are required to actively work to resolve it. You can choose between working it out directly, asking a neutral housemate to assist, bringing in one of our staff members, or finding an outside mediator.

We have trained individuals on our staff who are available to our members for consulting, mediation, and conflict resolution support in these instances. Please submit your request for support in resolving using the form below.

Consulting & Facilitation

We are available for consulting or facilitation support for communities where an outside person could be helpful - whether it's revitalizing your house culture, launching a new programs or processes, and the like. We have seen a lot over the years and can offer perspective, coaching, best practices or even connect you another community if appropriate.

Please reach out through the form below if you would like to connect to consult on a cultural or organizational process in your home.

Touch Points with the Community Over Time

Shared Kitchen

Community Check-ins

Community check-ins typically happen once a month and involve an OpenDoor staff member simply joining a dinner to say hello, get up to speed on any current issues, and share any updates from our end.

Sometimes we do these if there It is mainly just a way of staying close with the building and letting you all know that we are here as support.

Shared Kitchen

Community on-site coordinator

We designate a resident member at each property as the Community Manager who serves as a liaison between the community and OpenDoor. This person is in close contact with our team and should be up to speed on OpenDoor policies & processes, so feel free to reach out to them with questions before reaching out to us.

We host regular calls with this person so that OpenDoor can provide individual coaching & support, and hear challenges / opportunities / needs in their community. The On-site's participate in facilitator trainings as part of the Community Facilitator program and get to collaborate and share ideas with other properties from across the OpenDoor network.

Please Use Appropriate Channel. Given the nuanced and often complex nature of community dynamics, please submit requests for support from OpenDoor staff trained to deal with interpersonal conflict and cultural issues.

Response Time. We will try to respond to your messages within 24 business hours, though sometimes can take up to 3 business days.

Emergencies. If there is an emergency involving violence or physical harm, please contact appropriate local authorities (i.e. fire department, mental health hotlines, police etc.)  and then let your On-site Coordinator know who can get in touch with us directly.